by Pill Wonder

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released October 10, 2010



all rights reserved


Pill Wonder Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Fogg Eater

over-bright street light shines on in to the waking hours
casting strange and unfamiliar shadows off of my friends

out on the undead street fog tendrils twist their way through trees
the trees eat it up
Track Name: What We Know
you may leave me
or i may stay and watch you go
what's the difference?
who's acting surprised?

feeling the end
is a stupid realistic dream
can't wake up
reenacting the lies

Track Name: Being Bored
sometimes being bored for 9 an hour hardly seems worth it
when all you've got to do is watch the water drip
don't stick to that plan
find something nice to do, make a song for the band
or find a new job if your current one sucks
Track Name: Wishing Whale
standing on top of a dying whale
wondering whatever happened to the thrill

a little while later and you're bored, oh well
hopin on the hope of a penny in a whishing well

take glum things
make fun things
take novel
make modern

we love the new age
we love the new ways
Track Name: Wasted By The Screen
when things get kinda hard
you just plug in and tune out
and it's such a shame
to see such a brain
get wasted by the screen
it's such a stupid thing

kids don't know what they're missin'
when they're on the web fake kissin'
but no they say, it's the still life for today
Track Name: Gone To The Market
going to the market can be a real drag
when you see other people and the things that they buy
and they look you in the eye, you look away

so you're feeling the apples and think they look nice
but the lady over there is looking at you weird
and you feel a little shy, you wanna cry
Track Name: Family Vacation
i waste my time
watchin' the line
i know
you know
that is what we know

silent, i watch the coastline
something stuck in my mind
the waves they take and they can give
they can break and they can live
all the signs were there...

don't go near the water
Track Name: When I Look Back
the air stuck to my skin
made me warm
but i was lonely

still, i got my friends
on the porch
in the sun

when i look back
at our time
it's hard to be sure
but i'm glad that it happened